Sunday, December 12, 2004

Christmas Cards For Santa - 2004

There is a neighborhood in San Diego that is famous for it's Christmas decorations. Not only do they put up incredible light displays, but they display giant Christmas cards! Lots of fun to drive through, and family-friendly.

On the day we decided to make our traditional trek to Christmas Card Lane, we held our "Christmas Cards for Santa" dinner. While dinner was cooking in the oven, we all made Christmas cards to hang out for Santa, figuring that he doesn't get much in the way of cards... mostly he gets letters requesting presents!

For dinner we had:
Chips and Sala
Chicken and Corn Enchiladas
Mexican Rice
and we topped it off with Chocolate pudding snowmen!

Then it was off to see the lights! I'm certain Santa liked our cards - I wished him some peace in the new year and hoped that he'd get a chance to take a nap!