Sunday, October 09, 2005

Oyez Oyez!

The Supreme Court is now in session...

On the Docket for October 9, 2005

Opening Statements:

  • Wendell Holmes Olive Trays

Presentation of the Case:

  • Warren Burgers on "Nine"-grain Rolls
  • Clarence Thomas Salad
  • Supreme Vegetables
  • Grilled Sweet Potato and Scalia Salad

Closing Arguments:

  • Sunday O'Connors (with Just-ice Cream)

On the Court:

John Marshall

  • Appointed by John Adams
  • February 4, 1801
  • From Virginia
  • At 45, the youngest Chief Justice
  • Served under 5 Presidents
  • Principal founder of American Constitutional Law and Judicial Review
  • Liked ham sandwiches

Thurgood Marshall

  • Appointed by Lyndon Johnson
  • October 2, 1967
  • From New York
  • Represented plaintiff in Brown v Board of Education
  • 1st African-American on the Court
  • Supporter of individual rights

Sandra Day O’Connor

Appointed by Ronald Reagan
September 25, 1981
From Arizona
1st woman on the Court
Moderate and often the "swing vote"
In 2004 Forbes Magazine named her 4th most powerful woman in the world
Announced her retirement July 1, 2005

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • Appointed by Bill Clinton
  • August 10, 1993
  • From New York
  • Advocate of women’s rights
  • Dissented in Bush v Gore
  • Attended Harvard and Columbia Law Schools

Clarence Thomas

  • Appointed by George H. W. Bush
  • October 23, 1991
  • From Georgia
  • Controversially confirmed by the Senate 52 - 48
  • 2nd African-American to serve on the Court
  • Dissented on case upholding Roe v Wade
  • Dissented on Adarand Constructors v Pena, on the side against Affirmative Action

William Howard Taft

  • Appointed by Warren Harding
  • July 11, 1911
  • From Connecticut
  • Only President to ever serve on the Supreme Court
  • Chief from 1921- 1930
  • Upheld the Judges Act enabling the Supreme Court to give precedence to cases of national importance

Henry Billings Brown

Appointed by Benjamin Harrison
January 5, 1891
From Michigan
Studied law at both Harvard and Yale
Wrote the majority opinion in Plessy v Ferguson
Supported federal income tax

Warren Earl Burger

Appointed by Richard Nixon
June 23, 1969
From Virginia
Born in St. Paul, MN
Chief Justice 1969 - 1986
Landmark case - Roe v Wade

Edward Douglass White

Appointed by Grover Cleveland
March 12, 1894
From Louisiana
Chief Justice from 1910 - 1924
Was once a member of the KKK
Authored "rule of reason" decisions in major anti-trust cases
Upheld Adamson Act, Establishing 8 hour work day


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